Brain Injury Claims

Unfortunately, brain injuries can be some of the most catastrophic and overwhelming injuries sustained in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or work related incident. The difficulty and damaging aspects of a brain injury can also be extremely challenging because it is difficult for a doctor to diagnose a brain injury. Our lawyers take each case seriously.

In recent years, brain injuries have become the subject of greater focus and attention in the medical community due to their life altering implications. Unlike injuries to tissue and bone that can heal over the course of time, brain injuries can have a severe impact on a victim’s day to day life. They can also cause major changes in the person’s personality.

Sometimes, a brain injury can be difficult to spot because it can take days or weeks to manifest. This means that most victims who sustain a brain injury in a vehicle accident many not even realize it until it has already affected them significantly. This can make it challenging to treat the brain injury effectively.

Due to the nature of the body’s most complex organ, the diagnosis from a physician can also be imprecise. As a result of each of these complications, it is crucial to have the dedicated representation of brain injury lawyers in British Columbia like MSM Law LLP brain injury lawyers, who understand the complicated aspects of a brain injury claim including traumatic and mild traumatic brain injuries.

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