Wills, Probate and Estate Litigation

Probate, sometimes referred to as Estate Administration, can be a complicated, and at times, painful process.

At MSM Law, we understand this, and pride ourselves in guiding you through probate, inheritance, trust and tax matters in a professional, sensitive and cost-effective manner. While every probate, inheritance, trust and tax situation is unique, our primary goal remains consistent – protecting your interests and relieving the legal burden that may follow the passing of a loved one.

We offer a full range of legal services connected with:

  • Probate Administration
  • Drafting Documents — Wills, Living Wills, Power of Attorney
  • Litigation — Contested Wills, Estate Disputes and Wills Variation claims
  • Guardian ad Litem — For Children or Vulnerable Adults
  • Executor and trust administration
  • Intestate Administration — When No Will Exists
  • Estate Planning

We have the experience to help you with any and all matters related to probate and estate administration.

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